the mexican jew bean (clitorisorusrex) wrote in expo_sure,
the mexican jew bean

Playing with much fun.

Under the cut are side by side examples of edits, base image on the left, edited on the right. Most of the editing is strictly working with the channels and levels. A couple have decreased saturation as well.

DC0093-0101.jpg DC0093-0101HWN.jpg

DC0091-0008.JPG DC0091-0008.jpg

DC0093-0035.jpg DC0093-0035.jpg

There you go.

Comments and critiques are always welcome. Be as brutal as you like. I'd love to know how to improve my images. Also, this post is for those who are new to editing to see what can be done to an image. Hope you all enjoy. X-posted all over the friggin place.
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