death to madness (thebluestar98) wrote in expo_sure,
death to madness

artistic nude

i am surprised at the lack of response from this photo. i am extraordinarily pleased with the composition, and the contrast might be over done, but that is how i like it.

thoughts feelings likes dislikes constructive criticisms appreciated =]
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March 9 2009, 11:33:14 UTC 9 years ago

Well, I would have chosen to crop the image
so that the left side would be much
more close to the border: it's more classy
(i like it better). I don't know what was the
original framing/composition, but if this is the one,
you should try to make it almost square by cutting the
left side. If you have more original material on the right,
you should try to just reframe it to the right :)
But anyway, the position is really interesting,
and the contrast is ok :) very caravaggio-like