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This is a community for people wanting to exchange criticism on their own and other people's photography. It was created by any and nnaah, because we felt a need for it. And because we love photography, and LiveJournal.

expo_sure is meant to be a place where you can give and receive responses that go a bit further than the casual "that's a pretty picture" comment.
    Inspired by the critical_skin community we wanted to make the same kind of forum, but for photography only. We believe that you can learn a lot not only by getting responses to your own photography, but also by giving them to others.

Here are a few things to think about before posting your photo:

    Specify your reason for posting. There are several other communities for just showing pictures, this is not one of them. Think about what it is you'd like people to comment on. Maybe you'd like opinions on the contrast, the focus or the color? Or you want people to comment on what the picture communicates or which picture to chose from a series? Ask away. Just remember to state your reason for posting. This is a learning process too! You'll have to think a while about the what's and why's.

    Note: keep the image size moderate, link to a larger version if you feel like it. (Information about lj-cut)

And when you post comments:

    Try and be as specific as you can. The person receiving your comment will want to know what you really think and why. Constructive criticism is the best kind. Be respectful.

Everyone interested in talking about pictures and photography is more than welcome to join.

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